Abs by Milena phases

Phase 1

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    Getting ready for change

    In order to move forward, we need to figure out what has been holding us back. Is it mental, physical or emotional?

Phase 2

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    Healthy from the inside out

    Your gut is going to thank you after each Abs by Milena meal 🙂

Phase 3

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    No excercise equipment needed

    Training doesn’t have to be complicated or confusing. All you need to bring with you to my workouts is a positive attitude.

A special sneak peek

Phase 2: All your meals are under $10 per serving!!

Phase 3: At home workouts

A personal message from Milena

I can honestly say I have walked a mile in many pairs of shoes. I didn’t start out with a six pack, happy, healthy and confident.. That’s for sure!

I started out confused, really self-conscious, anxious and had try and deal with a shopping list of health issues that I didn’t understand or know how to treat.

My shopping list of health issues consisted of
– High Estrogen
– Cellulite and stubborn fat
– Gluten and Dairy intolerance
– Gut health issues including Leaky Gut, IBS, Candida
– Not having a great relationship with food
– Post competition 15+ kg bounce back
– Struggling every month ( ladies understand 😉 )
– Over training and under eating

And just not ever thinking I could catch a break!!

I felt so frustrated and alone. I didn’t think anyone would understand what I was going through.

I created this program to be able reach out to people and offer my advice and help. I don’t want anyone to have to feel like I did.
I want to show you where to start and to give you all the tools you need to take back control of your health.

That’s my abs by Milena mission.