My Abs By Milena Proven Method

Habits:             Hormones:             Head Space:

1.  First step is to write out what you eat and drink for 2 full days and what times.

This will paint me a picture of your current routine and habits.
I based my diet plans on what you are already doing now so it can be achievable and realistic. There is no point telling you to eat 5 meals a day if you are currently only eating one.”


2. I will then ask you a series of questions in regards to your hormones to see if you may have any possible weight loss hand breaks.

“If I think you may have some hand breaks then we will address it and add that into our plan.”


3. I will dig a little bit deeper to figure out if you may have some head space and mindset things that maybe holding you back.

“Sometimes we self sabotage ourselves or may not have the best relationship with food.” I will give you some tools or techniques to help overcome that.


4. Finally, I will also have a look at your supplement stack and make some suggestions if I feel like it maybe of benefit to you.

1 x Custom ABM diet plan with 4 x weeks of adjustments