My goal as a trainer is to EDUCATE, INSPIRE and DELIVER results to my clients.

           I don’t want to just train you in a gym for an hour.
How I work is:
Before we even step foot in a gym, I will ask you to do the following:
 1. Write out a 2 day food diary of everything you eat and drink and what times.
2. fill in my Gut health and symptoms check list.
3. You will then take before photos so we can track and measure your progress.
4. I will then make changes to your food diary each week to create better habits and balance.
5. I’m available online to all my personal training clients to answer any questions you may have.
6. I will travel to your local gym and Personal train you there. This will also help you get comfortable and familiar with training when i’m not there.
7. Once we start training, I will asses you in where you are currently with strength, possible muscle imbalances, fitness level and goals.
I will structure my training sessions around you and your needs.
1 x 60minute Personal training session = $80per hour
10 x Pack Personal Training = $70 per hour
15 x Pack Personal Training  = $60 per hour
20 x pack Personal Training  = $50 per hour